Changes for Revision 1

A project log for General Purpose Software Defined Transmitter

GPSDTx is a board capable of transmitting a signal up to a few MHz (1-3?) wide anywhere between 100MHz and 2.2GHz

brett-killionBrett Killion 12/08/2016 at 17:560 Comments

So as best I can tell, everything is workable with a bodge wire here and a cut trace there on Revision 0, however, there are many things that I screwed up or didn't do optimally that I will discuss here and will include in Revision 1 going forward.

Those are the issues I've discovered up to this point. I haven't finalized the Rev1 schematic yet but when I do I will post the PDF to the project page. This is also why I haven't posted the gerbers to Rev0. I don't want anyone to make a board with several known deficiencies. Look for the schematic in a few days!