First signals decoded!

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Reusing old 868 MHz equipment in openHAB

hebel23hebel23 01/28/2022 at 18:410 Comments

I have tried a bit more with "Universal Radio Hacker". And now I think I found the right configuration to decode the signal. I read that 600 is a typical baudrate for FSK. So I configured the URH interpretation module to this value (Samples/Symbol) and here we are!

Window sensor 1:

Window sensor 2:

The signal from sensor 1 is decoded to  349B.4934.926D.3492.49A.

The signal from sensor 2 is decoded to 26D2.6BB4.9269.B492.49A.

The next step is to modify the SignalDuino firmware for the nanoCUL, to receive the same signal.