Designing a Custom Heads-up Display for My VW Bora

As a fun project to learn more about wiring and working with CAN-BUS, I want to recreate a HUD seen in some cars.

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Back in 2020, I test drove an Opel Insignia GS (which we received here in the US as the Buick Regal GS). Something that I really enjoyed in the car was the heads-up display displayed on a tinted piece of glass on the dashboard.

My goal with this project is to build a HUD for my old Mk4 VW Jetta as a project to learn a bit more about wiring, as well as learn more about communicating via CAN BUS.

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MrZorro wrote 01/31/2022 at 22:16 point

do you have some more informations? Some Fotos? Some explanation? Greets and thanks

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