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AmebaD supports 2 low power modes which are deep sleep mode and sleep mode.

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AmebaD supports 2 low power modes which are deep sleep mode and sleep mode. Deep Sleep mode turns off more power domain than sleep mode. The power consumption of Deep Sleep mode is around 7μA to 8μA as compared to the normal state which is around 22mA. This example describes how to enter Deep Sleep mode and configure the wakeup source.

Ameba is a low-power dual-band WLAN and Bluetooth Low Energy SoC by Realtek. The AMB23 (RTL8722DM_MINI) also include memory for Wi-Fi protocol functions and application making it simple for anyone to develop various kind of IoT applications. At the same time it has a wide range of peripheral interfaces. With all these interfaces, it can connect to most of the electronics components like LEDs, temperature and humidity sensors, and so on.

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    Step 1

    Open “File” -> “Examples” -> “AmebaPowerSave” -> “DeepSleepMode”

    1Set condition values as below.
    “DS_WAKEUP_SOURCE” is used to set the wakeup source, the user can choose 3 wakeup sources,

    Using AON Timer as wakeup source

    AON Timer can be set from 0 to 32760000ms range by AON_TIMER_SLEEP_DURATION.

    Using AON GPIO pins as wakeup source

    For AMB23, there are 8 pins that can be set as AON pins and active high for wakeup, GPIOA12(D9), GPIOA13(D10), GPIOA14(D11), GPIOA15(D12), GPIOA16(D13), GPIOA18(D15), GPIOA19(D16), GPIOA21(D18).


    These AON pins can be set by using SET_AON_GPIO_WAKEUP_GPIOA25 or the pin that you want to use as shown in the picture below.

    1Using RTC Timer as wakeup source

    RTC Timer wakeup system is by setting alarm. The alarm has 4 values to be set, day, hour, min and sec. All 4 values can be set by DS_RTC_ALARM_DAY, DS_RTC_ALARM_HOUR, DS_RTC_ALARM_MIN, and DS_RTC_ALARM_SEC.


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