The NumiChronoTron Clock

Stempunk-inspired retro-digital timepiece!

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The NumiChronoTron clock. A whimsical, Steampunk-inspired retro-70's NON-LED digital clock. All discrete CMOS logic, no uP used!

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Bree Turner wrote 03/16/2022 at 17:53 point

Hello all - First answer, I did the artwork in various graphics apps, then printed out the negative on clear inkjet transparency film. I used the photoresist film on a sheet of brass, then conventionally etched in ferric chloride. After etch, did an aged effect with mini-torch and added patina with a salt-water dip. Light burnishing on 1000-grit silicon carbide sandpaper to bring the highlights out, clear acrylic overspray for protection.

Second answer - what kind of detail do you want? The circuit done in KiCAD, boards by JLCPCB, and I cut the cabinet panels with my dinky 6-watt laser engraver system. Display readouts are in-12 or in-16 Numitrons from Russia. Clock circuit is all discrete 4000-series CMOS logic, no arduino or uController.

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Brian wrote 03/12/2022 at 00:31 point

That's beautiful. How did you make the name plate? 

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Rod Milne wrote 03/11/2022 at 09:44 point

Just a photo???????  Come on guys, a little detail please!

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