K-TAC Rugged T-Beam Enclosure 1

Ruggedized Tactical T-Beam Enclosure for Meshtastic

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K-TAK RTE-1 (Ruggedized T-Beam Enclosure 1) is an open sourced ruggedized tactical enclosure for the t beam m8. With the recent ATAK forwarder project, there has been more interest in applying Meshtastic to tactical scenarios, and this is the first enclosure designed specifically for such use case. RTE-1 was designed around a large battery compartment ensuring space for a high capacity battery; this will allow days of continuous operation on a single charge. It also utilizes commercially available waterproof components to offer a weatherproof and completely sealed body, protecting the electronics from the elements. Though not a beginner friendly project, RTE-1 is relatively a simple construction. The body is 3D printed with cnc cutout "armor" panels for added protection and strength. More details on GitHub!


Technical Overview

Assembly Tutorial

Important Notice

  1. This is not a beginner friendly enclosure! If this is your first enclosure, we highly do not recommend tackling this project. For more beginner friendly enclosures check them out at: This project requires a intermediate knowledge in electronics, intermediate skill level in soldering, 3D printing, and CNC machining

  2. Do not proceed with this project until you have gotten Meshtastic working on the t-beam first! This enclosure requires a lot of semi-permanent modifications that will make debugging very tricky.

  3. The water resistance should be treated as a “Safety” feature! Although the enclosure performed flawlessly in our testing in extremely wet environments, the effectiveness of the seal is dependent on how the enclosure is assembled and the assembler's experience. If you do not have experience waterproofing enclosures, do not attempt to submerge or wet this enclosure. If you are confident in the seal, operate at your own ris

  4. THIS CAN CAUSE PERMANENT DAMAGE TO YOUR T-BEAM! Steps such as the rewiring of the USB or desoldering the battery tray can damage your T-Beam if done improperly. It is highly recommended to gain experience with other projects first before proceeding with this one

3D Printing Info

Included are 2 versions, one for FDM and one for SLA. The only difference is how the screws mount, for the FDM version the holes are larger to accommodate threaded heat set inserts, whereas the SLA version has 3 mm holes intended to be tapped straight into the resin print itself. For the SLA version all the files are identical except the center frame. Ensure you are printing the correct center frame file! For full rugged performance, FDM printing is favored over resin printing, however for more moderate usage resin prints should also work (Indoor, casual hiking, urban environment, ect.).

  • FDM Recommended Settings:
  • 100% infill
  • 0.2 mm layer height minimum
  • PETG, Polycarbonate, or ABS

  • 1 × TTGO T-BEAM M8N
  • 1 × OLED Display
  • 2 × 12 mm stainless steel waterproof push button (generic, make sure it's momentary)
  • 1 × Upgraded LoRa Antenna (Stock will work but decrease range)
  • 1 × 25mm GPS Antenna (Stock will work but with less reception performance)

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jay wrote 10/29/2023 at 18:47 point

Any chance you can share links to the parts you used? or at least what site?

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