A project log for MCM/70 Reproduction

I am making a full sized MCM/70 reproduction, a Canadian personal computer from 1974.

michael-gardiMichael Gardi 01/30/2023 at 15:460 Comments

One of the finishing touches I wanted on this project is to make the Raspberry Pi boot directly into the MCM/70 emulator on startup. 

I created an autostart folder on my Pi and switched to that folder.  Note that megardi is the logon user name for the Pi and will be different for your system.

mkdir /home/megardi/.config/autostart
cd /home/megardi/.config/autostart

Into the autostart folder just created I added the following two files.


cd /home/megardi/MCM70E_v2.1_distr
sudo ./mcm

MCM70E_v2.1_distr is the folder when the emulator gets built. For some reason the pigpio library requires root access hence the sudo.


[Desktop Entry]
Type=Application Name=MCM-70

In addition the runMCM-70 file must be made executable with the following command:

sudo chmod 777 runMCM-70