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A project log for ABN6502 SBC R1

Saving the planet, one obsolete chip at a time

Anders NielsenAnders Nielsen 11/24/2022 at 22:280 Comments

Turns out 0402 pads for solder jumpers are a bad idea. They are now a much more friendly size and the board should now be easy to solder for anyone comfortable with 0805 pads. (Not counting the optional microusb connector, the 3v3 sot23 regulator and the castellated hole pad RF module module).

Speaking of 0805 pads, I've added a bunch of redundant 0805 decoupling capacitor pads on the back of the PCB. On the schematic they're marked as "NC"/No Connect but if you're not comfortable with the 0603 100nF capacitors on the front of the board, throwing 100nF caps on these 0805 pads should be sufficient decoupling, assuming a decent power supply. 

And finally, speaking of power supply, J1 and J8(0.1" headers) can both be used to power the board in case you don't solder a microUSB connector to the board. They now come with 5V/GND labels - the board has no reverse polarity protection, so do be careful not to plug power in backwards. 

I haven't shipped this build to a fab yet so please let me know if you do - nothing critical has really changed since R1 B2 but please regard it as UNTESTED until I remove that label from the gerber zip filename. 

The updated gerber zip can be found in the hardware folder on github: