A project log for How to use an aerial 36 inches lens

the different steps involved to shoot with an aerial photographic (enormous) lens when you don't have the airplane to hold it

[zit] Olivier Gade[zit] Olivier Gade 05/25/2022 at 17:480 Comments

They've been lying around the bench for a while but I was sure to have to take them apart from the thing a few times, so I've waited until complete achievement of the work.

It's for sure some furniture stuff made in UK or USA as the distance between the holes is exactly 5 inches, so for a 36 inches lens, that's going to use 4 x 5 inches sheet films, it's perfect.

You can see on the picture a very rare thing in France : a ruler with inches ! (my workshop is rich).

It gives a more professional look, and it's much more convenient to handle the lens when I want to put it on the tripod or to take it away.

From the opposite side, it has another important use : when triggering the lens, the right hand pushes the brass screw in the center down, and even if the release has became very soft, it might give a little movement to the lens, also, it's good to have the left hand far away from the mechanism that's quite fast and coud be armful if a finger is in a wrong position.

The workshop benches are a mess after all this, after cleaning, these are all the remains of the project.

I had a big mystery in the beginning : one of the hinges had lost it's rod, maybe the poor quality of the stuff, and the shocks of the blade mechanism. Anyway I had another one, so I've changed it. And I finally found the lost rod in the dust.

Mystery solved.