A project log for How to use an aerial 36 inches lens

the different steps involved to shoot with an aerial photographic (enormous) lens when you don't have the airplane to hold it

zit-olivier-gade[zit] Olivier Gade 06/01/2022 at 09:100 Comments

A brass hexagonal 27 mm bar gives the necessary material, it had been used as a chisel or something as the end part's been completely deformed by a hammer's numerous hits.

The center part's still red hot of the light saber cut (a reflection of the very rare sun in my workshop on a red plastic can).

Using an équerre à centrer (centering square) to mark the place to drill the central hole.

Makes so nice chips !

Trying to mill, it's long, not the appropriate bit for the shape needed.

Hand filling's faster and doesn't make noise, vibrations, and gives my arms and hands a good exercise.

First a tough file, and a smoother, and a much smoother, and sand paper, from 400 to 2000 grain, brass is very pleasant to work with.

It'll give a good grip.

It needs a shoulder, in the center, the head size's perfect.

Milling is easy.

Not very fast but not too long.

A little filling, to have a nice rond shape.

And that's it : a completely home made 3/8 " screw with its tightening nut.

The second one was faster to achieve and has a nice guilloché finish.