Dowel Experiment Concept

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Harnessing the wind with robot controlled kites

E. RobotGrE. RobotGr 05/27/2022 at 02:561 Comment

The next experiment will place the wheel onto two freely rotating dowels. Hypothesis: the wheel will remain in place on those dowels while rotating, and while being pulled by the kite.

A simulation was conducted to double check the bodies rotate as expected. The smaller light-blue wheel below depicts a possible generator location.

This experiment will address a few unknowns:

The structural tile pieces are re-used from a different project (Bowie the robot).

The next step will be to 3D print the extra pieces, assemble, and test!


steam wrote 05/27/2022 at 16:43 point

This somewhat reminds me of  Doubly-fed electric machines which are often used in windmills.  however they seem to use gears not wheels which would add a lot wheel-slip to your system. Examples of something similar are the Fontaine and (my personal favorite) a literal pyramid scheme in more ways than 1 the Holman locomotive. 

either way interesting project. perhaps some tinkering with the slip rings of the generator could offer some more insights or inspiration. 


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