What is it?

This is a firmware burner / download suitable for programming 3.3V MCUs such as ESP32 and 5.0V MCUs such as Atmel.

Features automatic boot and automatic reset (DTR , RTS) , micro USB plug and a status LED for plug and download firmware code on Arduino studio, VS Code or Visual Studio.

This is a 0.6mm thick PCB. You can customize it and select PCB colour (Green/ Black /Blue/ yellow / red), finish (Matte / Glossy) when ordering.

This PCB is a direct fit for the enclosure sold on AliExpress here:


Price is for a fully assembled PCB with all components. PCB only price starts at 30USD. If you like only the PCB and no components send me a message for a reduced price.

send me a message if you like this PCB

  • with your own brand and name
  • buy commercial selling rights