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benchoffBenchoff 06/02/2017 at 13:120 Comments

It has just occurred to me that this badge needs an augmented reality game of some sort. I can't compete with 1057 on this one, so I'm just going to throw this together.

First, let's start with the winning condition. This image (all 1200 bytes of it, or something) will be stored in the firmware for the badge. Keep in mind the image below is a PNG, and I'll be using a BMP, but whatever:

What could be a better reward?

Now, the initial condition. Steganography - or hiding data in images - is popular for this sort of thing. That means I need an image. Here it is:

Now, how to deliver that first image? I'm using twitter a lot, so I'm just going to schedule a bunch of tweets from the @MrRobotBadge account to hexdump that jpg onto the Twitter. That should get some people riled up. The tweets will end on the thursday of DEFCON. We'll do one tweet every thirty minutes or something like that.

Right, so the steganography part. Inside the 'dawn of the first day' image will be a zip file. Inside that zip file will be a text file. On that text file will be the memory location of where to find the dickbutt pic.

That's the ARG.

No, wait, that's a terrible idea. The text file in the zip folder will be a web address ("") or something. The contents of that web site will be the memory address.

There we go. Can't fail now. And I can set all of this up before the firmware is written.

EDIT: wait a second. I just realized I can use this ARG thing to reveal who's actually behind this whole badge thing. I was planning on doing a Hackaday post (publishing Sunday afternoon of the con), so I'm just going to add a wordpress shortcode to the dickbutt pic:

How did I come up with this? I was taking a shower, and my mind wandered over to the 1057 puzzles. Yes, I was thinking about 1057 in the shower. I realized I needed an ARG for this badge, hopefully one that would get me some followers on Twitter. That's it. Then it was just, 'oh yeah, zip files read in reverse, bmps read forward, blah blah blah'. This entire ARG took two hours to put together, and most of that was scheduling the tweets.