Major Firmware Rework + virtual trimming

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The OpenFlap project aims to create a open source, affordable split-flap display for the makers and tinkerers of the world.

Toon Van EyckToon Van Eyck 05/31/2022 at 14:120 Comments

Sadly, not a lot of sexy new features in this update... I reworked quite some things in the firmware to improve the codebase. I also discovered some bugs and fixed them, the usual... The 

One new feature I would like to shed some light on is the virtual trimming.

In this picture the letter "E" was requested from the module. The module didn't turn quite enough, to fix this, there are 2 solutions.

Solution 1:

We can physically trim the latch shown in the blue circle marked "1". This will cause the flap to turn over earlier. 

Solution 2:

We can have the wheel of characters turn a bit further. This ensures the flap clears the latch and can turn over. Because this has the same effect as trimming the latch, I call this virtual trimming or vtrim.

This setting can be controlled through the webpage and allows up to 128ms delay in increments of 2ms.