Testing Solar-Pyrolysis

A project log for Solar-Pyrolysis

A solar powered biomass degrader to produce a renewable clean fuel (Hydrogen) from any biomass.

DennisDennis 04/30/2022 at 23:430 Comments

The next test is to see if solar thermal energy will work for pyrolysis. A magnifying glass on a stand, test tube and brick acted as an alpha proof of concept prototype. As documented in the image below, dry leaves (the biomass) were placed in a test tube and sealed to act as the thermal chamber. A large magnifying glass on a stand was used to focus sun light onto the leaves in the tube. With patience, some refocusing and several second degree burns, the leaves began to biodegrade in the test tube. The leaves began with a slight smoke visible in the tube, after which the leaves continued to thermally degrade until all the leaf material was reduced to a charcoal. The good news is the leaves were reduced to charcoal and not ash which means the pyrolysis process works. Now on to a sturdier prototype version.