Bluetooth Programming

A project log for Infinity Mirror Clock

A smart infinity mirror that's also a clock

dushyant-ahujaDushyant Ahuja 08/21/2014 at 02:100 Comments

The clock can be programmed over bluetooth using the following commands:

  1. MULTI - Toggles the multi-coloured rainbow effects
  2. STAT - Provides the clock status to the serial port
  3. SETRAIN Sets the interval for the rainbow effects - e.g every 5 minutes: SETRAIN 5
  4. HOUR [R] [G] [B] Sets the colour of the hour hand - e.g. HOUR 255 0 0 sets the hour hand to Red
  5. MIN [R] [G] [B] Sets the colour of the minute LEDs - e.g. MIN 0 255 0 sets the minute LEDs to Green
  6. SEC [R] [G] [B] Sets the colour of the second LED - e.g. SEC 255 255 255 sets the second LED to White
  7. BG [R] [G] [B] Sets the colour of the background LEDs - e.g. SEC 30 30 30 sets the background LEDs to Grey
  8. LIGHT [NIGHT] [DAY] Sets the brightness of the LEDs during night time and day time - e.g LIGHT 0 150 switches off LEDs at night and sets brightness to 150 during day. The code currently considers time between midnight and 7:00 AM as night. This can be changed easily in the code
  9. TIME Set the time