New detector board is here!

A project log for All-In-One Gamma-Ray Spectrometer

More sensitive to gamma radiation than a Geiger counter with the added bonus of telling exactly what's inside your samples!

NuclearPhoenixNuclearPhoenix 07/05/2022 at 19:520 Comments

It didn't take quite as long as expected, now it is here: the revision 2 board!

Like I announced in the last project log this new hardware revision includes following changes:

All the required parts should be in stock right now in sufficient quantities and I hope it will only get better with time. If not, then I will probably switch out some of the more important parts again, depending on the significance. Drop-in replacements for the OpAmps should be no problem though, especially because I'm not using the dual-channel versions anymore. Further, the number of BOM positions has been decreased by 3 and the number of individual parts has also been reduced to only 43 (not including the SiPM parts). Additionally, to make soldering faster and cheaper for production, the Raspberry Pi Pico will no longer need to be mounted with pin connectors and is instead soldered directly to the PCB thanks to its castellated holes!

PCB render of the front side

As always, you can find all the updated electronics files, software and comprehensive documentation in the GitHub repository. This board revision will most likely accompany us for the next few months, heavily depending on user feedback, my own research and probably most importantly, the global chip shortage.

I'll keep updating the example spectra and upload new photos in the next couple of weeks here on Hackaday and on GitHub so stay tuned for more. Cheers!