Assembled detector boards

A project log for All-In-One Gamma-Ray Spectrometer

More sensitive to gamma radiation than a Geiger counter with the added bonus of telling exactly what's inside your samples!

NuclearPhoenixNuclearPhoenix 07/08/2022 at 00:520 Comments

The main hassle of getting into this project was always and still is getting all the components for the main detector board and soldering them to the PCB. Although I have reduced the number of individual parts and also uploaded it to Kitspace to make it as easy as possible on the DIY side of things, some of you might not have the time, patience or equipment to solder SMT parts or to take care of getting all the parts and that's completely understandable.

That's why I'm currently working with a company that manufactures electronics kits and other DIY hardware to offer the main detector board (with the Raspberry Pi Pico) fully pre-assembled. The only things you need to get after that are your SiPM and a scintillator! Especially for the last one there are tons of offers on sites like ebay where you can get a used one cheaply.

The whole production process has recently started so I'm estimating everything should be ready in the next few weeks. You can expect the price to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $50 by the way. I'm not sure yet if DIY kits (so just all the "raw" parts combined) would be nice to have too or if Kitspace is enough for that -- if you're interested please feel free to leave some feedback!

I'll post an update linking to the store page once the boards are available.