Boards arrived, soldered and I'm in trouble

A project log for RaEsp Gateway

WiFi (ESP8266) connected Ra-02 (SX1278) radio module, OOK, GFSK .. LoRA capable.

h4rdc0derh4rdc0der 05/26/2022 at 18:540 Comments

Looks like everything is working, I'm able to control my RC power outlets, but getting weird results in tests of ESP module. Getting "External reset" when querying last reset cause.

After hours of debugging, I've found that this is caused by "mess" done with ESP12 modules. Looks like ESP12-S differs from ESP-12F which has been used as design reference.

Today I've corrected my PCB adding capacitor to chip enable pin which will work as RC delay circuit with built-in one to guarantee that CHIP_EN pin won't go high before RST pin.

Boards have been ordered today...