ESP32 with Ethernet for controller.

  • Broadcast power consumption information via MQTT.
  • Control module relays to power cycle devices- or directly to the controller controllers via i2c if possible

USB C Modules

2/4 Channel SW3518s



Open Questions:

  • Maximum Current @ 20v- is it 3A or 5A?
  • The docs mention an i2c bus- is it accessible on the module?

5 Channel SW3158


Open Questions:

  • What is the interface for the STM32F103C8T6?

Power Supply

DC -> DC

Goal is to accept ~48v input off solar battery array. Input range of 40v to 60v (nominal input of 44v to 58v)

Large capacitors (with discharge resistors) should be after each module to handle rapid load changes.

Ideally, 2 to 4 modules used- one for each USB C module. Could also run in parallel.

AC -> DC

Ideally GaN for efficiency

Because input power is solar, assume that this will be handled up-stream.

Adapters / Cables


  1. Compact, braded cable. Already have some. Good Quality. USB 2.0 but supports 100W

USB C -> Lenovo Square Thing

USB C -> 5.5mm barrel (Intel NUC)