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A project log for Corvairius

Corvair - Prius The goal: transplant all of the drivetrain and electronics from my 2010 Prius into my 1964 Corvair Monza 500

ryanRyan 01/29/2023 at 21:550 Comments

A lot of progress has been made recently that I’ve neglected to share, I will try to keep up with the updates more regularly now that I have been making good progress.

The subframe has been reunited with the front strut towers, along with the drivetrain. 

Basically, the whole front of the car has been reassembled without the rest of the car. 

A corresponding Prius front end shaped hole has been created in the rear of the Corvair.

I have a lot to do still, next I will be: 

  1. Using my pipe bender and making 2” bendable steel reinforcements to strengthen what I’ve cut away. 
  2. Laying out all of the components and doing a test run without the car. I will be using most of the OEM harness and sensors. 
  3. Modifying the harness to allow for relocation of certain components, the throttle pedal, brake/skid control ECU will be up front at the firewall, while everything else will be relocated to the rear of the car, their corresponding wires will have to be lengthened.
  4. Plumb in the dual cooling systems, the HV inverter and transmission have their own small radiator, pump, and coolant. The ICE cooling loop will be simplified without the exhaust heat recovery loop and heater core, the coolant will instead go directly from the cylinder head to the EGR, then to the radiator into the coolant pump and back to the head. 
  5. Build and plumb the fuel cell. For testing I’ll start with the OEM fuel pump in a 1 gallon plastic fuel can, this will later be replaced by a custom made 3-5 gallon fuel tank.
  6. Mounting of the HV traction battery and 12V battery.