3D Printable Vacuum Rotary Drum Filter

open source hardware for solid/liquid separation

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A vacuum rotary drum filter solves the problem of filtering large amounts of solids from liquid where the solids would quickly build up and clog the filter. They are used in food processing and fish farming primarily but would have endless uses if they were not so cost prohibitive. I believe this would be a major contribution to the beer/winemaking and the open science communities. If anyone is interested in organizing or working the development this open source hardware project please contact me or comment in the forum.

As of now I have made one prototype


First prototype. Solidworks Maker Edition Files.

x-zip-compressed - 8.06 MB - 05/28/2022 at 19:59


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Florian Festi wrote 06/02/2022 at 09:52 point

A few pictures of your prototype and may be a rendering or two of the SolidWorks model may go a long way to draw more attention to this very interesting sounding project.

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