Control Station finished

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A simple ROV i can use to dive to the deepest depths of my bathtub and my neighbor's swimming pool

timoTimo 02/02/2023 at 00:430 Comments

The title basicly saies everything. I managed to stuff every part of the Control Station into one manageable suit case.

Fig. 1: The finished control station. Just enough exposed wire.

There is not much new information here. You can see an overview in Fig. 1. The only new thing is the heatsink and fan on top of the video transmitter for the FPV googles. Otherwise the thing gets too freaking hot, now its just a good hand warmer during winter (if i ever add an ice pick to the ROV).

All parts are mounted on a 3D printed plate (Fig. 2.). The stand offs and mounting points are all integrated into it. The plate itself just preasure fits into the lid of the suit case. Therefore no screws or bolts are visable from the outside and the "professional look" is maintained.

Fig. 2: The mounting plate for all components in the case. The holes in the middle are there to save some material. As you can see the thing is glued together from four separate parts.

PS1 Controller and the FPV goggles can be stored in nice couchy compartments in the bottom of the case.
Unfortunatly with all the stuff in the lid of the case, it is slightly way too top heavy. But i will just stuff some metal scrap in the bottom.