Earlier project logs

A project log for Notkia (name change planned)

Linux phone in the shape of Nokia, with LoRa+WiFI+BT connectivity.

Reimu NotMoeReimu NotMoe 06/29/2022 at 19:450 Comments

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2022-04-12: Received first batch of the X1000E SoM

2022-05-15: First prototype worked

2022-05-19: LVGL player demo worked

2022-05-22: Second prototype done designing

2022-05-27: "Bad Apple" animation on Notkia

2022-06-01: Faster "Bad Apple" with USB audio

2022-06-01: Second prototype assembled with the shell without problems

2022-06-03: Keypad is worked

2022-06-04: LCD backlight worked

2022-06-05: Demonstrated the USB OTG functionality with RetroWave OPL3

2022-06-09: The GNSS chip itself worked

2022-06-11: Running Pokemon Gold in the VisualBoyAdvance, although laggy

2022-06-12: LoRa worked

2022-06-15: WiFi worked

2022-06-16: Bluetooth worked

2022-06-18: RGB indicator LED worked