Customizable DIY ASCII Art Server

Customized DIY ascii art using your father/girlfriend's name and host it on a IoT device as a server for your Father'sDay/anniversary Gift

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When a big day is around the cornor, do you scratch your head for what to buy as gift? or you can DIY one at ease~

Here you can DIY an ascii art server for your important one using his/her photo, name(any language or symbols) and a Wi-Fi-enabled IoT microcontroller ( used AMB23 in this demo)

All the ools are written in python, embedded part written in Arduino CPP, and are all open sourced on Github

Let's watch the demo video first 


What is this about? why make this? 

This is a beautiful art piece that has a touch of uniqueness as it looks at someone and is comprised of someone's very name. By hosting this art piece online(only visible in your home network), your loved one can check it anytime from anywhere which is kindof cool, and it serves as a perfect gift for your intimate ones.


  • Convert any picture of your choice into a ASCII art with customizable character pattern(Chinese character/English/numbers etc.)


  • Pillow
  • numpy
  • tkinter (optional)
  • opencv-python (optional)


With GUI


Without GUI

python3 res/lisa2.jpg "大;张;锤" 300


Credit to for his work

  • 1 × A computer (Linux would be the best) with Python3 installed
  • 1 × A WiFi microcontroller (AMB23)

  • 1
    Convert the picture to ASCII art

    First you need to find a photo that has simple background, then use the python script to convert it to txt file 

  • 2
    Put the txt file into SD card
  • 3
    Use the Arduino code found in the Github to flash the MCU

    You may follow instructions here to get started,

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