the rtl-sdr turns into an antenna farm

A project log for networked RTL-SDR server

a wifi-based RTL-SDR receiver to cover 1 to 500 MHz

worsthorseworsthorse 02/22/2017 at 17:510 Comments

i've been building out an amateur radio base station, of which the RTL-SDR networked receiver is to be part. the base station has turned into a big, deep rabbit hole... station grounding, lightning protection, RFI management, cabling and getting antennas in the air.

i am not sure any of it is hackaday material, though the antenna part of the project involves designing, modeling and building real world antennas. i have been running through iterations of end-fed antennas, both resonant and random length, and i am putting together an old-fashioned dipole to be tuned with a johnson matchbox that will go up next week.

i may post it as a project here anyway... making a SDR work in a RF noisy enviornment starts with building good antennas.

and, someday, i will get back to building the networked RTL-SDR because I need a wideband receiver in my shack.