Preliminary results

A project log for Easy Bake Fab Lab

A study into building a semiconductor fabrication lab for the home hobbyist.

Steve HernandezSteve Hernandez 07/04/2022 at 23:020 Comments

So after I got my Easy-Bake back in working order, I started experimenting with building actual devices. Previously - I worked though growing oxide layers, doping materials, masking, etching, and spin coating. 

I decided to build a few simple PN junction devices - diodes. I also followed Sam Zeloof's recipe for a MOSFET - unfortunately - I'm fairly sure the gate shorted because the oxide was too thin. 

All the PN devices I built exhibited 'diode-like' properties - having a voltage drop higher in one direction, having a different resistance per direction. They also generated a small voltage under direct light.

I still need to buy or build a diode tester - aka 'octopus' device to generate V/I current traces.

It's been a steep learning curve the past week, and I think my devices are becoming more refined and successful. 

I'm making attachments to the silicon with small strips of sheet brass bonded with a silver epoxy. It's a heat-curing epoxy, not a 2-part epoxy, so it was more practical  to have a footpad.