Device GUI - October, 2022

A project log for E-TKT: anachronic label maker

An open source label maker that fuses together both old and contemporary technology to create something as ubiquitous as... EMBOSSED LABELS!

Andrei SperidiĆ£oAndrei SperidiĆ£o 10/05/2022 at 15:480 Comments

The previous OLED display was really cute for its small 128x32px size, but it wasn't working well for the QR code. 

Imagine a square with less than 10x10mm, shinning bright (OLED). It was really hard to focus with the smartphone camera.

I've then decided to switch for a similar but bigger I2C OLED display, now with 128x64px:

Then I've took advantage of its taller real state to improve and/or implement new screens:

It turns out that having not so many pixels to push around is pretty funny. Also, I've used symbols with a dedicated font to improve the meaning and communication.

Thanks to olikraus for the amazing U8g2 library that is super useful.