? Spectradata SD-70 in the wild ?

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Eric HertzEric Hertz 08/05/2022 at 20:070 Comments

Did You Buy it?

As far as I've been able to gather from the interwebs, only two of these machines may've ever existed...  

I'd been contemplating buying the second to keep them together, and also maybe to find out a few unknowns. (E.G. What is that AMD chip's part number? Did the other unit have the GPIB chips installed? Did they hand-etch the front-panel board on both of them? Were they built at the same time, e.g. for the same customer, or...?)

Anyhow, if you bought the second one (or just happen to have another, or know anything about it) it would be great to hear from you!

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I'm curious what others' interests may be, or what they may do with it... Reverse engineering endeavors of their own? Actually use it as intended (Do you know anything about the equipment it attaches to?) Figured it was a great price for a project-box, a bit like I did at first (wanna sell its guts?)? Did you find it through the logs, here? If you put anything on the net about it, I'd be happy to put some links in here. So-forth.

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spectra data SD-70

Spectradata SD70