The oak plywood triangle lutrin

A project log for Scrap wood lutrin (book holder)

I love reading for hours, but my hands get tired before my eyes and brains, so a lutrin is necessary

zit-olivier-gade[zit] Olivier Gade 06/22/2022 at 17:080 Comments

Here's the smaller 225 mm version, but with a big 65 mm width down edge.

Folded, from the side.

From another point of view, with the proof of the 225 mm size on the ruler.

From backwards.

The first batch model from the back, the stand had two positions, an angle of 67,5 ° for the vertical and a much smaller angle for big cook books. In fact not very necessary, so now, only the 67,5 ° angle is available.

I found that 67,5 ° angle on the internet and it's perfect, it may have been the lutrin angle since centuries.

Those M 5 screws are fixed with a 7 mm brass insert in the wood, the spring is quite strong, but must leave a lot of movement liberty, the 5,5 hole in the thumb's been roughly ovaled after drilling by swinging it on the running drill bit, to give liberty of movement only in one direction only.

The second part of the thumb also have a small spring, and it's weirdly fixed with a brass rivet on the front side

and a wood brass screw, on the opposite, cut and passed thru an M 3 die to have threads : I have recovered a lot of these very nice brass rivets in a vide-grenier (garage sale), different length and diameter, but very few of the weaker opposite side insert pin, so that solution's the best I could imagine, and it works good enough.

From another point of view.

The new stand is coming from the back of an old computer tower, an extension bay steel cover. I recovered a lot of these in the street, with a bunch of much more valuable stuff, so it's easily reproductible.

It's very easy to bend, and it's very well attracted by the three 5 mm cubic magnets glued in the slit (slot ?).

Il position with the 67,5 ° angle.

That part is the other reason why it's not more bendable : it's too short for that purpose.