Mouse emulation with muscle commands

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EMG sensors for controlling devices and PC with muscle commands

ultimate-roboticsUltimate Robotics 05/30/2023 at 18:160 Comments

Making a convenient - or at least usable - input device proven to be much more difficult than it seems. PC interface is seriously optimized for mouse properties, assuming that a mouse can be moved easily over a few pixels. When a gyroscope is used to track uMyo orientation, translating its data alone into cursor placement is not convenient - with such approach you must keep your hand in the same orientation with high precision and try to click with muscle effort without moving a hand even a tiny bit.

We approached this problem by using 2 uMyo sensors: while one muscle is active, mouse cursor follows hand motion (and scroll is produced when arm rotates). When another becomes active, mouse click is generated. With this approach, mouse can be controlled from much more relaxed hand position and precise clicks become much simpler/