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A project log for Street-racing silencer

Silence those annoying noisy street-racers with a push of a button

traxtrax 06/27/2022 at 10:430 Comments

The summer is once again almost here. Roads are dry and straight. Crap.

Last night it was impossible to fall a sleep until 00:30 because some idiot was riding a racing motorcycle at 200km/h in front of my building. Mind you, it is a great opportunity to do it because the road is straight and nobody is around. However, the mega loud noise it produces is the issue I am trying to resolve with this project.

I have given up on calling the police, because it does not make sense to call them every week. They simply don't give a crap... maybe I should join the police or buy a motorcycle? Both of these would solve my problem.

In the meantime, looking like a zombie is my new image.