Expand to 5x4 array of midi buttons

A project log for Raspberry Pi Pico 4xN Midi Arcade Button Box

Mashup of 2 Adafruit projects to make a 4x4 (4xn) Arcade Button/Led MIDI Device

jerry-isdaleJerry Isdale 07/02/2022 at 06:270 Comments

Today we wired up a total of 5 arcade button boards with 30mm buttons, and extended the code to support it as total of 20 midi buttons.  The new code is in in the github archive.

Here's my blond assistant checking over the connections of the full 20 button setup.

Next up will be making one set of 4 buttons be built in bank switchers. Pressing one of these will switch to a different button-to-note mapping.

Then we got the weekend  to build the housing and hook it up to Resolume so it selects 64 video clips.