Added Bank Switching

A project log for Raspberry Pi Pico 4xN Midi Arcade Button Box

Mashup of 2 Adafruit projects to make a 4x4 (4xn) Arcade Button/Led MIDI Device

jerry-isdaleJerry Isdale 07/02/2022 at 20:500 Comments

Latest update (and likely one to be used at event) modifed the 5x4 version.

The "" version drops back to 16 midi buttons, with the 5th (default address) board being used as a "bank switch" - it changes the midi notes associated with the midi buttons.  4 arrays are used to hold the Banks, and pressing one of the BankSwitches,  changes which bank is active.

This is  the arcadeQT with the colored buttons.  The leds in these are Digital IO and stay on to show  which bank is active.