A project log for Saverest

Our project is to improve the density of the urban population in public transport thanks to our application which will warn users.

Riyan LOUDIYIRiyan LOUDIYI 07/05/2022 at 10:370 Comments

We inquired about the parts needed to make our assembly and be able to simulate it.

Joshua, Mehdi with the support of Riyan carried out research on the internet. 

so we needed two ultrasonic sensors, led, resistor, ESP32 card.

We then asked our teacher for information in order to be sure to be on the right track.

Riyan, under the supervision of Joshua and Mehdi, learned about the software that we will use for circuit assembly and simulation, TINKERCAD. and for the design of an application we chose to use MARVELAPP.

At the end of our meeting on the TEAMS application we set ourselves the objective of finishing the circuit the next day to be able to start the code.

Participation; RIYAN, JOSHUA, MEHDI