A project log for Saverest

Our project is to improve the density of the urban population in public transport thanks to our application which will warn users.

Riyan LOUDIYIRiyan LOUDIYI 07/05/2022 at 15:080 Comments

Following the last meeting we had a problem when linking the code to the application. 

So we decided to put us at 3 for the morning. It took us longer than expected. 

We had some leads, some successes in our advancement. 

we haven't succeeded in connecting the code to the internet and therefore to the application.

On the other hand, we were late for the presentation of the project. 

We therefore shared the tasks as follows: Riyan designs the application with the help of his comrades and Mehdi and Joshua improve the program and readjust what is needed in support with Riyan.

Participation: RIYAN, JOSHUA, MEHDI