Muffsy Constant Current LED Tester with Meters

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skrodahlskrodahl 10/23/2017 at 10:350 Comments

Meters are installed, I still need to mount the project in a suitable enclosure.

I got enough resistance at 2K, so I replaced the 10K potmeter for better accuracy.

First test with the ammeter, showing 2.6 mA:

Voltmeter installed. The forward voltage drop varies from 1.72 volts at 0.1 mA, to 2.02 volts at 26.7 mA for this particular LED.

LEDs rarely experience any adverse affects by feeding them with < 30 mA. Even when mounted the wrong way around. My max value is ~27 mA.

Eagle Project Files

The Eagle project files and Gerbers have been updated with the new component values.