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A project log for "Lixie", an LED alternative to the Nixie Tube

Always jealous of people who could afford big Nixie Tubes, I rolled my own alternative with WS2812Bs and laser cutting!

Connor NishijimaConnor Nishijima 12/17/2016 at 06:480 Comments

I've never been one to deliver lines well from a script, but here's a more personal update delivered in video! :)

Here we see the awesome black WS2812B LEDs! Before ordering, I didn't even know they made these! Here is a view of two Lixies doing the "color count" test:

Bought a second card table just for assembly!

And here are some Lixies cooking in the oven! I highly recommend reflow soldering if you've never tried it, you'll save hours of your life with every product! ;)

And here's a 360 view of a Lixie assembled with nitrile gloves in a clean environment like yours will be:

Once again, thank you all for you support, and feel free to join the Lixie waiting list if you want to be notified on release in January!

- Connor Nishijima