TinyUSB + Raspberry Pi Pico = USB-Readable Psion SSD!

A project log for Psion SSD Drive (with an RP2040)

In my repeated efforts to drag Psion's 16-bit computers into the 21st century, I'm designing a USB drive for their proprietary SSDs.

Alex BrownAlex Brown 08/13/2022 at 07:221 Comment

Just a quick update: After spending a few hours playing with the Adafruit version of TinyUSB for Arduino, I can now see a Psion SSDs as block devices in Linux!

The status is:

This is a screenshot of a RAM SSD mounted from /dev/sda (note: no partition table on these), being read by Linux like it was just another USB drive.

So yeah, this is the closest I've come to having an actual USB SSD Drive. I have a lot to learn about TinyUSB, as I feel like I'm just scratching the surface of its potential. I also still need to write the routines for writing to Flash I and Flash II SSDs in libsibo, plus rig up a 17.5v supply. I'm also quite far into designing a test PCB with through-hole components.

More to come soon!


balicota wrote 10/16/2022 at 12:02 point

There is a product called "Cyclone Floppy Drive" made by "Purple Software".  It is a hardware emulator from  a standard floppy drive to the SIBO serial bus.  While it is unsure it would help you with emulating every type of ASIC, it certainly might give you some insights in the writing portion.  But it certainly is possible building a USB or SD card drive connected to the serial bus.

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