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A project log for M0S - CortexM0 RTOS in 1024 bytes

Full blown RTOS written in Thumb ARM assembly language to fit in 1024 bytes

dumitru.stamadumitru.stama 12/03/2016 at 05:530 Comments

I used to get random faults from time to time and these things are quite hard to debug. After a lot of hours I managed to finally isolated the issue in the mutex handling system.

I redesigned the system, it's much more robust now and it didn't fail yet like the old system.

Good part: I have 32 max mutexes now since I store them as bits into a word

Bad part: I had to remove the string from the code :) It's now 1024 bytes without any string.

I will try to optimize some more size-wise so I can put back the string at least partially.

On another note, some more docs are coming, stay tuned !