The journey of my DSSC solar cells and panel

looking into making solar cells and panels more smart and efficient

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This project is me going to be researching a mix of topics (robotics, chemical engineering, nano technology and materials) and when I was thinking about solar panels and their efficiency I had some ideas that could make the device smarter and more efficient all in one.

*The links for the papers I used are in the external links and will keep being updated *

  • researching and doing the theory

    matt08/02/2022 at 12:39 0 comments

    At this stage of the project I'm still working out the logistics and researching the relevant topics of the projects through research papers and small experimentation, 

    Also looking at the relevant efficiency equations for a basic solar panel so I can compare my results with ones on the market for the same price, 

    and when looking at the theoretical power output I had to look at the theoretical losses like:

    1. shadow losses
    2. temperature losses
    3. DC cable losses 
    4. AC cable losses
    5. inverter losses
    6. losses due to dust and obstructions

    the other equations I looked at was for maximum output:


    KWp = norminal rated maximum

    n = the models 

    , the average energy produced per year:


    Ema = available solar radiation(depending on weather conditions)

    n(eta) = efficiency of the cell

    ,the temp of the panel itself (because the efficiency changes based on operating temp):


    nt(eta t) = over all system

    Y(gamma) = temp coeffient 

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