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A project log for Jelly

A minimal DIY 8-bit CPU made with TTL chips, to perform native brainfu*k language, extended to use three sequential access tapes.

Alvaro BarcellosAlvaro Barcellos 08/13/2022 at 23:350 Comments

Jelly is really, a finite state machine, running by lookup tables and executing a extended version of language brainfuck, called brainfunk, which have more 8 commands and a extra tape.

It should receive information from a code tape and translate into opcodes to execute, a classical Read-Eval-Print Loop, or REPL.

The simplest and easy way to filter income code tape bytes into opcodes, is just pass the byte as address to a translator eeprom and collect the result as valid opcodes to  use as address to another eeprom which contains the real signals states.

Then  big changes in project. From grouped chips boards, as one for eeproms, one for buffers, one for counters, one for tapes, what makes many groups of wires connecting boards, to modules that regroup in circuits to minimize signals and buses.