Quick Update 03/10/22

A project log for UltraTower

Grow vegetables with ultraponics tower

J GleyzesJ Gleyzes 10/03/2022 at 20:100 Comments

Currently, I am checking the new PCB and changing the code. As soon as it's ready I'll publish it.


There were2 errors on my PCB one on the pin of the DHT22 and one on the 5V pump which consumed too much power for the 2N7000. Everything is corrected now and explained into this log and in the files. The 2N7000 has been replaced by the TN0604N3-G  mosfet.

Mist generation:

If you have been following the project from the beginning, there was a change on the last PCB. I don't use a mosfet driver anymore because I finally found a mosfet (FQB19N20LTM) that works directly with the pins of the esp32.

Proof in video : 

The android application:

The application will be ready very soon, I still need to fix some bugs. The app will allow to modify all the parameters of the tower and to read the pH, EC and temperature sensors. 

I'm not sure about the design yet, 3 versions at the end of the video. If you have any better idea don't hesitate !