Most of you probably know me already , I'm @sulfuroid , the mad doc who never sleeps with over 150 github projects so far., the creator of various BLaK-RPI cyberdecks. (SharpikeeboBlakRPI 2KBlakRPI Clive). This is my last and curret project: making a twin 8.8" display compute module 4 driven cyberdeck computer. 

We are at early stages of this project, but I expect this to be finished by Xmas 2022. I do not yet know if we are going to start a crowdfunding campaign. It is tool early. 

Basic spex are 

KICAD selfmade PCB with CM4 connectors, integrated USB hub, 2 HDMI lines, 2 joysticks, 1 USB trackball. 2 x 8.8" color display (one with touch screen). 

80% keyboard with classif cherry MX keys and keycaps.

Battery: I will try to source a 10 000 mAh model.  Charging module of course. USB C and external connectivity: USB C , USB 3 classic, 4G , accelerometer

The keyboartd will work as a USB KB, driven by QMK and an ATMEL ATMEGA 32U4

I'm not a good documentation writer . I stop here :)