Machine Washing the Circuit Test

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stephSteph 10/16/2022 at 05:040 Comments

One of the questions about this project I continue to get is around washing your circuit when inside wearable tech projects.  Will it break the LEDs? Will the tape still be good? Today I did a machine washing test to find out.  

My current guidance for washing in the instructions is as follows:  

I do not advise you actually machine wash these but this was intended to be a product torture test. 

I washed my sample with 4 LEDs and a battery pack and my large sheet of 100 LEDs inside a laundry bag to make sure it didn't get caught on any other washing.  I ran it on a 30 min cycle at 800 spin, cold water.  

After washing and drying, there was visibly no difference to the tape or circuit.  The tape was not worse for wear, even where it was not sewed and just stuck down directly to the battery holder.  

All 104 LED strips continued to function as per normal after washing too.  

Obviously normal wear and tear will affect this product, but I'm really happy with these washing results.