Multiplexer PCBs just arrived (great stuff)

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nicolas-reimenNicolas REIMEN 09/30/2022 at 07:380 Comments

The multiplexer PCBs for the crossbar switch have just arrived. Here they are:

These were sent free of charge by PCBWay as part of the sponsorship deal.

They are of excellent quality. Before that, I had ordered my PCBs from "another supplier" (blink-blink, hint-hint, everyone knows who I am talking about, right?). The PCBs I just received are much better. I think anyone can tell just by looking at the picture and comparing it to the previous ones in the project logs or on the main page. Everything looks better, the silk screen lettering, the solder mask, the tinning of the pads, ...

As I said, a retrobrew machine is a work of art and it makes a lot of sense, therefore, to have gleaming PCBs like these.

PCBWay's website is also quite nice and convenient to use for specifying the order and following its progress. They even have a feature that allows you to follow the PCBs as they go through each step of the fabrication process. Practically, I think it is totally useless of course, but it is super cool. Nice touch!