Constructing the Hilt

A project log for CPC Cyber Cepter

Comprehensive Peripheral Cluster On-A-Stick

Sp4mSp4m 09/21/2022 at 03:090 Comments

I apologize. I'd written a detailed and hilarious story about all the work I went through to build this hilt, and how I even considered building in an umbrella holder, but then my network connection pooped, and I lost my work. So this is what you get.

Starting from the awesome Katana design made by Grzywa on thingiverse, I traced over the mesh, and made my own copy that more specifically met my requirements.

I cut out material to allow the makerbeam (1 cm extruded aluminum bars) to run through the middle, added a cable channel, and made adjustments to the model to facilitate vertical, supportless printing.

I built in a cut-out, so I could add this dangerous looking wi-fi antenna that came with my motherboard. (It was too easy to get this on a plane initially).

This is the most substantial part of the build, and I ended up printing quite a few prototypes before I was satisfied.