More Component Modification (Monitor and Keyboard)

A project log for Luggable Cyberdeck

Watercooled MATx build with built in goodies for plug-n-play computing and art.

TraceSpazerTraceSpazer 10/03/2022 at 04:090 Comments

I wanted a folding screen and had an old laptop I had broken previously. Great for a donor and instructables led me to a seller on ebay for pc-boards that convert the format to hdmi. I set to building a rugged case for it to work with.

First it was disassembled and I figured out where I could drill without harming the monitor. Then did a 3-d model of such in Fusion360 and printed the components.

Once everything was printed, drilled and set out, it was time to assemble.

The cable was particularly tricky as I forgot to make a slot for it and just drilled a hole instead of re-printing. (It's a prototype, no need for "perfection")

And put together!

I even could use the same hinges!

Next up, the keyboard was pretty easy to mod. I just ordered some new keys with shine-through lettering in matching colors...

Took the old keys off...
Then put the new ones on. (After cleaning)

Next up for these is to figure out the interface between the monitor, keyboard and case.