"Final" Assembly (Not final at all)

A project log for Luggable Cyberdeck

Watercooled MATx build with built in goodies for plug-n-play computing and art.

TraceSpazerTraceSpazer 10/03/2022 at 04:270 Comments

Again, wanting to get something to show from this project. I assembled the painted pieces.

Problems were found pretty much immediately. I neglected to acquire a new mobo watercooler and am reluctant to tear apart the existing AIO cooler. Luckily I found a spot for it, but it isn't connected to the planned loop.
And then the graphics card as well, I didn't have the new thermal pads on hand so the waterblock was postponed. (It's all air-cooled now but changes planned for next revision)

As a last minute attachment, I hacked the front panel off my old case with a band saw and elegantly mounted it onto the new chassis.

And that's where it's at! Works, but I had to disassemble one of the radiators due to a lack of clearance for the power cable. Still very much a work in progress, bigger than I'd like and has many issues still...but I like it and I'm having fun. Looking forward to setting this thing up as a portable VR workstation.