End of 2022 Update

A project log for Lattepanda 3 Delta Recording Rig

A Solution for a compact yet feature-rich recording setup to perform multitrack recording and simple editing, sharing and streaming.

Craig HissettCraig Hissett 12/22/2022 at 17:100 Comments

Apologies for the lack of updates on this one!

There has been a great deal of progress with this one:

Lattepanda - I've added a 500gb m.2 SSD to the board to increased storage, and I will be installing Windows 11 as my base OS for the project. Some time had been spent playing with Windows 10 initially, and then I've spent some time using Ubuntu on it. Ubuntu was great and really responsive and for the last few weeks was going to be my OS of choice as I would have been more comfortable with it for using VNC for remote access, but my new plan for display and control will work just as well with Windows, so back to Windows I go, ha ha! It will be my first dalliance with 11 rather than 10, so if it isn't what I'm hoping this will change once more.

Last change with the lattepanda is I've picked up the Titan case for it, which is really frigging cool. It looks awesome.

Audio Interfaces - I've added a second UMC404HD to my arsenal for this. Under windows I have ran both as one aggregated interface using the ASIO4ALL driver. Once I've got Windows 11 installed I'll be aiming to get the latency down as much as I can without causing jittering performance in Reaper, my DAW of choice.

8 mic inputs, a tonne outputs and two dedicated headphone outs makes this setup really quite useful for my plans. Really happy with the interface choices.

Display - While looking for the Lattepanda case on the dfrobot site I landed upon a link cable they sell for the Lattepanda. This cable is a USB A-USB-A cable, which acts as a virtual network between the board and a host device. I've ordered one and when it arrives I will look to use an old iPad 3 with a camera kit as the screen and input device. If I can get it to work the way I want I will be absolutely buzzing, as it'll give me the exact control I need, with also the ability to disconnect the iPad and use it wirelessly with the Reaper web interface once the session is set up.

Auxiliary control - the final hardware part I want to integrate is a MakeProAudio controller I have from another project. Powered by a Raspberry Pi 4, it brings 4 motorized faders and a whole selection of encoders and buttons to the party, and can connect to Reaper via Wi-Fi using OSC to interact with Reaper. Between the iPad and the MakeProAudio unit I will have the perfect mix of software control and a physical interface to mix in Reaper.

Once I have these last few bits and pieces ironed out in January I can finally plan my assembly.

My thoughts so far are to stack the two interfaces, position the MakeProAudio device to the right side of it, and create a slot for the iPad to sit above the interfaces and level with the control device.

Power will need to be considered, with the Lattepanda and MakeProAudio device requiring wall power, with the iPad also needing a charging point in there too. We also have three devices needing networking together, so a space for a switch/hotspot type device may come in handy.